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Zukunftspreis 2011 Gewinner Qualitäts-Auszeichnung 2010




Foundation of BeRec GmbH, closed production cycles for plastics.

1, plant for grinding of plastics.


First plant for the production of LDPE – regenerates, produced out of plastic waste

The loop of used plastic foils was started.

1994: Closed loops for water, waste heat recovery and of the circuit of wasted foils were built.

Starting of the certification as a specialist disposal company under direction of the law of

environment loops and waste loops.


Certification as ultimate recycling facility
Construction of new facilities for air pollution control, energy conservation and effective water use in circuits. - Reducing CO ² emissions to zero.

2009: Berec becomes a member of the “Partnership of environment” of the county Brandenburg.

With the Technical University of Berlin begun the research project for energy and protection

of resources in the recycling of Polyethylene.

2011: Winner of the ”Future Award”

Today: continuous development of innovative technology